Restoration Prices


updated November 15 2018

The pricing on this page is for a carburetor in reasonable condition, meaning the castings aren't badly broken, shafts aren't bent beyond straightening, not severely seized and not missing major components. Replacement of major components (eg. float bowls) will incur additional expense, as will badly seized parts and carburetor bodies painted in epoxy (this is very difficult to remove). Please check with us if you're not sure.

If any of these conditions apply, we'll let you know by email when we inspect the carburetor upon receipt. If we can't fix it, or you don't wish to pay additional expenses, we'll return it to you. There is no charge for the inspection, just return shipping.

Restoration pricing is shown below. Contact us for a quote.

Current Show Quality Restoration Pricing

Prices include parts and labor. This includes refinishing, replating, new wearing parts, pull offs, choke coils, screws, floats etc. New parts are used wherever available.

1 bbl downdraft carburetors: $275 - up

2 bbl downdraft carburetors: $295 - up

4 bbl carburetors: $325 - up

1 bbl updraft carburetors: $225 - up

computer controlled Quadrajets: $475 - up


Badly seized carburetor, additional charge: $100 - up

Epoxy paint removal: $80


Some typical prices for restoring carbs in average condition: (US Dollars)

Rochester 4MV Quadrajet, 1971-down: $375

Rochester M4MC/E Quadrajet, Chevrolet: $325

Chevrolet Carter WCFB: $425 (broken thermostat housings are extra)

Carter AFB, #3721S: $375(broken thermostat housings are extra)

Rochester Model B: $250

Ford Model 2100, 1958-1975: $295

Ford Model 4100: $325 (1958-up; 1957 $425)

Ford Model 4300: $425

Holley OEM muscle car 4bbl: $450

Carter W-1: $325


We can also supply cores if you don't have the original carburetor. Prices vary.



Please Contact us for a quote on your carb.