We have a full line of carburetor kits, floats, chokes, choke pull offs and other parts from 1927-1990 covering practically all American cars, trucks, inboard marine and industrial equipment.

Visiting from Canada? We have a Canadian dollar site in the works for early 2017. We're located in Canada and will be happy to sell to you in CAD. Please call or email us for more info.

Featured Carburetor Parts


Carter BB Carburetor E7T1 Carter BB carburetor kitCarter BB carb float

Carter W-1CK462 Carter W-1 Carburetor KitCarter W-1 float

Stromberg WW carburetorStromberg WW carburetor kitStromberg WW float

Rochester 4GCRochester 4GC carb kitRochester 4GC float

Full listings of 1000+ kits are here: